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August 31, 2021

316LN stainless is a single phase austenitic (face centered cubic) stainless steel

316LN stainless is a single phase austenitic (face centered cubic) stainless steel at all temperatures up to the melting point. The alloy can not be hardened by heat treatment. The alloy is nonmagnetic in the annealed condition. Its magnetic permeability is typically less than 1.02 at 200 H (Oersteds). Permeability values for cold de-formed material vary with composition and the amount of cold deformation, but are usually higher than that for annealed material.




Typical Room Temperature properties


Property ASTM A 240
Yield Strength, 0.2% offset

30 ksi*

205 MPa*

Ultimate Tensile Strength

75 ksi*

515 MPa*

Elongation in 2" (51 mm) 40%*
Hardness 217 Brinell** 95 HRB**

* minimum, ** maximum


Fatigue Resistance


The fatigue strength or endurance limit is the maximum stress below which a material is unlikely to fail in 10 million cycles in an air environment. For austenitic stainless steels as a group, the fatigue strength is typically about 35 percent of the tensile strength. However, substantial variability in service results is experienced since additional variables such as corrosive conditions, type of loading and mean stress, surface condition, and other factors affect fatigue properties. For this reason, no definitive endurance limit value can be given which is representative of all operating conditions.

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