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August 5, 2021

ANSI B622 UNS N06455 Alloy C-4 Seamless Alminium Alloy Pipe

Steel Round Bars ANSI B622 UNS N06455 Alloy C-4 Seamless Alminium Alloy Pipe



Alloy C-400 has outstanding high-temperature stability, and has excellent resistance to stress-corrosion cracking and oxidizing atmospheres up to 1040℃. It has exceptional resistance to a wide variety of chemical process environments, including and chlorine and chlorine contaminated media (organic and inorganic), formic and acetic acids, aceticanhydride and seawater and brine solutions.



Chemical processing involving wet chlorine, hypochloric acid, hyfrochloric acid, acetic acid and acetic anhydride; flue gas scrubber systems; pickling operations; and electro-galvanizing.


Rod B 574
Plate, sheet and strip B575, B906
Seamless pipe and tube B622
Welded pipe B619, B775
Welsed tube B626, B751
Fitting B366


Chemical Composition
Cr 14.0 18.0
Mo 14.0 17.0
Fe - 3.0
Co - 2.0
C - 0.0
Mn - 1.0
Si - 0.1
P - 0.0
S - 0.0
Ti - 0.7



Physical Properties
Density 8.64g/cm³
Melting Range 1350-1380



The company keeps a stock of about 5000 tons all year round, and all the products sold are strictly in accordance with the national standards, which are applicable to petroleum pipeline, chemical industry, coal mine, electric power, boiler, machinery and other fields.

Product Name Pipe
Standard ASME/ANSI B16.5/16.36/16.47A/16.47B, MSS S44, ISO70051, JISB2220, BS1560-3.1, API7S-15, API7S-43, API605, EN1092
Type ASTM:R50250-R56400Pipe

Stainless steel:ASTM/ASMES/A182F304 | F304L |F304H | F316 | F316L | F321 | F321H | F347|316Ti | 309S |310S | href="" 405 |409|410 | 410S | 416 | 420 | 430 | 630 | 660 | 254SMO | 253MA | 353MA

Nickel Alloy: ASTM/ASME S/B366 UNS N08020| N04400|N06600| N06625| N08800| N08810|N08825| N10276|N10665|N10675|Incoloy 800 | Incoloy 800H | Incoloy 800HT | Incoloy 825 | Incoloy 901 | Incoloy 925 | Incoloy 926, Inconel 600 | Inconel 601 | Inconel 625 | Inconel 706 | Inconel 718 | Inconel X-750, Monel 400 | Monel 401 | Monel R 405 | Monel K 500
Super Stainless Steel: ASTM/ASME S/A182 F44, F904L, F317LS32750 | S32760

Hastelloy:HastelloyB | HastelloyB-2 | HastelloyB-3 | HastelloyC-4 | Hastelloy C-22 | Hastelloy C-276 | Hastelloy X |Hastelloy G | Hastelloy G3
Nimonic: Nimonic 75 | Nimonic 80A | Nimonic 90
Duplex Steel: ASTM A182 F51 | F53 | F55, S32101 | S32205|S31803 | S32304
Alloy Steel: ASTM/ASME S/ A182 F11 | F12 | F22 | F5 | F9 | F91

Ti alloy:ASTM R50250/GR.1 | R50400/GR.2 | R50550/GR.3 | R50700/GR.4 | GR.6 |R52400/GR.7 | R53400/GR.12 | R56320/GR.9 |R56400/GR.5

Carbon steel: API 5L...

Marking Supply Logo + Standard + Size(mm) + HEAT NO +or as your requirement
Test Chemical Component Analysis, Mechanical Properties, Metallurgical Analysis, Impact Testing, Hardness testing , Ferrite Testing, Intergranular corrosion testing, X-ray Inspection (RT), PMI, PT, UT, HIC & SSC test, etc. or as your requirment
Certificates API, ISO, SGS, BV, CE, PED, KOC, CCRC, PDO, CH2M HILL and etc.

Ø EN 1.4835 has a good weldability and can be welded using the following methods:

  • Shielded metal arc welding (SMAW)


  • Gas tungsten arc welding, GTAW (TIG)


  • Plasma arc welding (PAW)


  • Gas metal arc GMAW (MIG)


  • Submerged-arc welding (SAW)
  • Typical application areas for 1.4835:
  • Ovens
  • Construction
  • Building
  • As details at high temperature


Titanium usage in different:

CP grade1 can be used in the deep drawing parts for its good elogation and excellent corrossion-resistance.

CP grade2 is widely used in the commercially pure Titanium.

CP grade3 is almost only used in the pressure vessel.

CP grade4 can be used in some fittings and fastening pieces,but for complete shape need 300 degree celsius to form


Alloy Gr5 ,Ti6AL4V,is one of the most popular Ti alloys because of itscomprehensive

mechanical,physical and chemical properties.

Alloy Gr7,add little palladium in cp Titanium and it has the most excellent corrosion-resistence

Alloy Gr9,Ti3AL2.5v,is used mostly in the golf clubs and bicycle girders.


Alloy Gr12,it has the similar properties with the grade7.

TItanium tube process:

Titanium sponge→Compacting electrodes→Melting→Foring→Bar billets→ Extruding→Rolling→Strightening→Seamless Tubes

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