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June 7, 2018

Copper smelters, mines in Yunnan little affected by environmental review

SHANGHAI, Jun 7 (SMM) – Copper smelters in Yunnan province maintained normal operation as of Thursday June 7 after inspection teams from the central government settled in the province on Tuesday June 5, SMM surveyed.

This suggested that previous rectifications in Yunnan were effective.

Copper mines in the area were also little affected as most small and medium-sized mines were shut by the local government for rectification when the inspection team settled in, SMM learned.

Most of the small- and medium-sized mines in Dongchuan district have been suspended for rectifications since January this year, SMM learned in a field survey.

Yunnan, as one of China's major copper producing provinces, has been working to rectify and improve local copper mines since 2014.

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