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August 18, 2021

Lap Joint Flange Copper Nickel Alloy UNS C70600 CUNI Stub end 2" 300# ANSI A105 flange

Lap Joint Flange Copper Nickel Alloy UNS C70600 CUNI Stub end 2" 300# ANSI A105 flange


Quick Details

Type: Capillary Tube Application:
Air Condition Or
Specification: as per the clients' request
Outer Diameter: 1/2-24" Grade:
CuNi 70/30 seamless
copper-nickel tube
Thickness: as per the clients' request
Length: as per the clients' request Cu (Min): 87 Alloy Or Not: Non-alloy

Ultimate Strength

(≥ MPa):



(≥ %):

35 Wall Thickness: 2-50mm
Outside Diameter: 10-500mm Model Number:
CuNi 70/30 seamless
copper-nickel tube
Place of Origin: Hebei, China (Mainland)
Type1: C71500 C70600 elbow Type2: C71500 C70600 reducer Type3: C71500 C70600 tee
C71500 C70600
SW/threaded fittings
Type5: C71500 C70600 flange Type6: C71500 C70600 pipe

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details: Wooden cases, pallets, nylon bags or according to the customers' requirements
Delivery Detail: 10-100 days depending on quantity


Cupro Nickel/ Copper nickel Tubes 90/10
This form of cupro nickel tubes produced by Tube Tech possess excellent resistance to corrosion by sea water as well as high resistance to erosion corrosion and air-impingement attack. The addition of iron results in 90/10 performing as good as 70/30 in salt water service heat exchangers. These tubes have good strength and ductility at ordinary temperatures and relatively high strength and other mechanical properties at elevated temperatures.
These cupro nickel tubes are widely used in condensers, coolers and heat exchangers where resistance to corrosion and erosion is paramount, yet maintaining a high thermal conductivity rate. To be used preferably in marine conditions. Forms a protective film which is multi-layered in flowing seawater. Resists marine bifouling.
These cupro nickel tubes are produced in a range of outside diameter, wall thickness various temper conditions to achieve the required mechanical properties and grain size. The mechanical and dimensional characteristics of our products satisfy the most demanding orders that require tight tolerances.




Copper nickel tube is used for a variety of industries; Including marine environments, power generation, offshore, oil & gas and defence sectors. Drawn copper nickel tube combines cold and hot working properties, highest degree of seawater corrosion and erosion resistance and great strength. Typical users are distillation and desalination plants and marine coolers and heat exchangers.

Applied vacuum melting technology, our tubes are of superior quality: Stable chemical composition, precise dimensions, and clean, smooth and bright inner and outer surface. Good mechanical properties - free from defects such as blowholes, cracks, pin hole leaks etc.
* Good corrosion resistance, especially in sea water;
* Suitable for high temperature service;
* Applicable for condenser for ship, heat and water supply, chemical industry, desalinator etc.
* Copper Alloy UNS Nos. C70600 and C71500 are seamless Copper Nickel Tubes of standard specifications for Water Desalting Plants.

Copper Nickel Tube are one of our core products, we produce to the widest size range in outside diameter, length and wall thickness. Our seamless Copper Nickel (CU NI) pipes have a outside diameters range of between 0.5mm to 330mm. Our copper nickel tube welded pipes have an outside diameter range of 100 mm 20, 000 mm and we can manufacture upto lengths of 15m! We are also able to offer single continuous weld lines on our welded pipes.

We are extremely proud of our tube production capabilities and have invested heavily in the future as we believe cu-ni tubing will play a key part in developing technologies. This along with our commitment to service excellence we believe is the reason why our customers keep choosing us for their tubing and piping requirements. Our large annual production volume of cupronickel tube allows us to maintain a large stock program inventory. We can meet customer requirements and expectations with rapid production of tubes and fast delivery times.


Trade Name UNS Copper Nickel Industry Specifications Chemical Composition Min.Tensile
CuNi 90/10 UNS C70600
UNS C70620
ASME SB111, SB171, SB359, SB395, SB466, SB467, SB543
ASTM B111, B122, B151, B171, B359, B395, B432, B466, B467, B543, B608 DIN 2.0872 MIL C-15726, T-15005, T-16420, T-22214 SAE J461, J463
Cu 88.6 min
Pb .05 max*
Fe 1.8 max
1 max*
Ni 9-11 max
Mn 1.0 max
38 15 30
CuNi 90/10 UNS C7060X EEMUA 144 90/10, 145 90/10, 14 90/1 Cu rem.
Pb .01 max
Fe 1.5-2.0
Zn 0.2 max
P 0.2 max
S 0.2 max
Ni 10-11
Mn 0.5-1.0
40 15 30
CuNi 70/30 UNS C71500
UNS C71520
ASME SB111, SB171, SB359, SB395, SB466, SB467, SB543
ASTM B111, B122, B151, B171, B359, B395, B432, B467, B543, B552, B608, F467, F468
DIN 2.0882
MIL C-15726, T-15005, T-16420, T-22214
SAE J461, J463
Cu rem (65.0 min)
Pb .05 max*
Fe 0.4-1.0
Zn 1 max*
Ni 29-33
Mn 1 max
52 18 45
CuNi 70/30 UNS C71640 ASTM B111, B543, B552 Cu rem
Pb .05 max*
Fe 1.7-2.3
Zn 1 max*
Ni 29-32
Mn 1.5-2.5
63 25



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