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May 28, 2018

SMM Lead Zinc Summit: Stricter environmental policies to weigh on zinc die-casting

NANNING, May 25 (SMM) – Stricter environmental policies in China are likely to weigh on the zinc die-casting industry, said Ren Lixing, an analyst at Leekee Group in Hong Kong.

The industry faces pressure from policies such as production cuts, regulations around dust and explosions and environmental taxes, Ren told delegates at the SMM Lead Zinc Summit on Friday May 25 in Nanning, Guangxi.

Other challenges include rising costs of raw materials and labour, competition from other countries such as the US and Vietnam, as well as the development of alternative materials.

As demand for high-quality products grows, the zinc die-casting industry should intensify efforts in developing new materials and technologies, Ren added.

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