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April 12, 2018

Snapshot: Aluminium spot market in China

SHANGHAI, Apr 11 (SMM) – Trading in China's aluminium spot market was lacklustre on Wednesday April 11 as sellers in east China were unwilling to move following the rebound of the SHFE 1806 contract.

In Shanghai and Wuxi, transactions were heard at 14,200-14,230 yuan/mt with spot discounts at 70-60 yuan/mt against the contract. Transaction in Hangzhou were seen at 14,210-14,230 yuan/mt.

In Guangdong, however, aluminium ingot sellers were keen to offload their cargoes but demand was sluggish amid a relatively bearish sentiment. Transactions were heard at 14,240-14,280 yuan/mt. The price gap between Shanghai and Guangdong remains at around 50 yuan/mt.

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