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October 26, 2017


CG-CCL is part of a new cold rolling and processing plant currently under erection and commissioningElement of Tyasa’s development of extending its portfolio to include flat products
Mexican steel producer Tyasa has awarded Primetals Technologies an order to supply a combined galvanizing and color coating line (CG-CCL) for its steel making plant in Orizaba. The CG-CCL is part of a processing plant currently under erection and commissioning. It is an additional element in Tyasa’s development of extending its portfolio to include flat products. The production of the first galvanized coil is planned for December 2018 and the first painted coil for March 2019.

Tyasa is a family owned company with approximately 1,400 employees. The company operates plants in Orizaba, Mérida, Chiapas y Silao in Mexico and a rolling mill in Guatemala. In the past, the market focus was on long products. In order to enter the flat product market, an additional production route was set up during the recent years, including an EAF Quantum for steelmaking supplied by Primetals Technologies. A Castrip production line ordered from a consortium including Primetals Technologies is about to start production.

To process strip from the Castrip line, Tyasa is erecting a processing plant, including a tension levelling line, a pickling line, a reversing cold mill and a combined CG-CCL. For this combined CG-CCL, Primetals Technologies is responsible for the engineering, supply, erection and commissioning supervision. The scope of supply includes an entry section with double payoff reel and scrap evacuation, a mash lap welder ML21M with entry/exit centering units and a notcher, 6 strands horizontal looper with a strip storage capacity of 260 m, a horizontal direct fired furnace and after pot cooling tower, a GI coating pot with provision for future GL and premelt pots, a wiping system with Dynawipe air knives, a 4-Hi skin pass mill with a maximum rolling force of 750 tons, a 6-Hi tension leveler with anti-cross bow units and an in-line chemical surface treatment section for passivation and paint pre-treatment with one horizontal roll coater, one gas dryer and water-cooled rolls.

Furthermore, Primetals Technologies will supply the complete paint section, including a “S” wrap prime roll coater with top and bottom heads, a “S” wrap finish roll coater with dual top heads and single bottom head as well as catenary paint ovens, water quenches and air dryer for each prime and finish section, and a recuperative fume incinerator. Bypass areas ensure the transition from CG-CCL mode to CGL mode and vice versa. An exit vertical looper will have a strip storage capacity of 175 m and a top movable carriage, an automated surface inspection system SIAS and a delivery section with an electrostatic oiler, a tension reel and all related coil discharging, weighing and coil banding features. Auxiliary system like the electric power supply, transformers and emergency power station, cables, a water treatment plant and the compressed air station supply round of the scope of supply. The combined CG-CCL will be run with a level 2 and level 3 systems.

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